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My quest is a journey of knowledge and discovery. It is a desire to explore the physical world and the realm of possibility before me. It has taken me to parts unforeseen and exposed me to notions unexpected. And yet, it is still a journey with many dimensions left to explore.

I have found I am most content where the nexus of art and science collide. I exist at the crossroads where technology and creativity meet. My true passion is the challenge of change and the spark that change ignites. I am most fascinated by the process of disrupting staid cultures and incorporating new ideas and processes into old paradigms. There is opportunity here and this opportunity requires much foresight and great thought. Most importantly it requires the will and the ability to act.

Some may consider me a wanderer, but as Tolkein once wrote, "Not all those who wander are lost." I have still much to explore and even more to learn, but am contented in the process. This tome is nothing more than a glimpse into this journey.

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