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Chapter 1: Biography

At the boundry where the Atlantic's waters roll up to the barrier islands, where multi-colored camellias and white gardenias bloom against the backdrop of dogwoods and southern yellow pines is where I grew up. It is a magical place. It is a place of mystery and adventure. There, I experienced a life of charm where one could get lost in one's thoughts and imagination. It still was not enough.

You see, I had an explorer's heart. I wanted to know what was on the other side of that great body of water called the Atlantic. I had to venture forth over the bridges connecting the islands to the mainland. I had to experience what I had read about and seen on the big screen. I had to leave.

My life since departing has been an incredible experience. It has taken me to lands far and wide and exposed me to diverse cultures. I have lived in many States and even in Europe, but the land of my birth still calls to me. It is a land that is often revealed in my dreams. It is part of my soul.

I call North Carolina home. I live in a place where dreams and visions are often formed and molded into reality. I am where I need to be. But I do wonder about the future. Where will I go next? I know that in due time it will be revealed.

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