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Chapter 2: Work

Work is an important part of my life. I find great value and meaning in being industrious. I also find much satisfaction in doing a job right and well. It is rarely about the money.

For me it is a chance to come together with like-minded and interesting people of a common bond to accomplish great tasks that rarely are completed individually. It is an opportunity to engage and to ponder concepts of mathematics, engineering and art. It is the chance to be creative and ponder possibilities. Most of all, it is an opportunity to serve.

I have found contentment in my work. The technology industry and the application of technology has allowed me to occupy that nexus of art and science. It has challenged my creativity as well as my skill. It is where I am most productive. If anyone is interested, I have included information on my past educational and work experiences. I would most enjoy speaking to those interested about what I have seen and accomplished.

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